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Since i have been laid up I have been thinking of WHY blog in the 1st 20 people hit this site during a day and i am sure 18 of them are lost, or got brought here by some link from a much more interesting site than this.

if you don’t care to scroll back to the very beginning of this piece of shit, you won’t realise that basically i use it to practice css and xtml. So that when i get a new idea for a tweak to the bibliophilebullpen I can test it without breaking anything vital. Hence every so often i post some bit of rotting flesh on it just to keep it alive.

For the past 2 weeks I have been coughing up bits of business and shredding what is left of my esophagus, to the point where i bought a flipping blender and self medicating with smoothies. On the whole it’s a heck of a diet plan..i have to debate whether eating something is worth the pain that of swallowing it. I am fine now, more or less..cept for being tired all the time and having one of those annoying little chronic coughs that get people beaten to death in the cinema. yeah i know you didn’t come here to hear about my lack of medical coverage.

here’s something less interesting: I visited the thrift shop yesterday and came away with 3 decent winter coats…(now that winter is ov er) 2 blouses and a wonderfully heavy maroon LLBean bathrobe….all for 50 bucks. I hope i don’t end up wearing this freaking thing for the rest of my existence like the housecoat in wonderboys. Check it’s where but for the grace of god go i.

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