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Readership here at the Bullpen has never been over the top, as matter of fact it has dwindled alarmingly lately. I have been trying to encourage other Bibliophile Mailing list members to flog their own blogs – a current active blog touting what is hot at your bookstore, site, biz whatever, can be a useful tool to encourage repeat customers. ESPECIALLY if you talk about what is new in stock, think of it like a front window, you change it often enough people will stop by just to see what’s come in lately. OR you could just write about what’s going on in your locale or your head, personalization of ecommerce can ONLY be a good thing.

What’s in some of our Member’s heads?

If you’re a list member with a blog to flog tell me about it.
even if you aren’t and have a blog that may be Bullpen material, tell me about that too!

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