blue eggs

Yup, they are blue…or rather blue-ish.   I have been jonesing to try these heirloom eggs from Pete and Gerry since i saw them in the shop.  I have a soft spot in my heart for heirloom vegetables and such, as a culture we have driven many flavors and varieties into extinction.  If i have a chance i like to choose variety.

Alas, any time you start wandering into free range territory you are going to spend twice as much per egg….or per anything for that matter. But since i am not consuming animal fat at the rate i was…i figured i could splurge a little. well i have been splurging for a while now on free range but if you look around you can find the teeny ones in packages of 18 quit reasonably..basically because no one knows what to do with them.  It’s not like the factory made eggs where anything not perfectly presentable egg shaped and weight can go in to a cake mix factory. Free range eggs are still a pricey commodity. These are not only free range, this company also subcontracts the egg making to family farms…relatively local to me, so i would be keep my egg dollars with a reasonable carbon footprint.

The bacon not so much…I haven’t found a local producer of bacon, the best i have been able to do is find uncured bacon without all the alarming chemicals added in. When I can afford it I buy the Wellshire brand from Whole Foods when i can’t afford that I buy the Leidys brand uncured…when i can’t afford that i basically don’t buy bacon. I don’t eat a lot of it, but i do like to add it into certain dishes. In this particular case, i actually cooked a few rashers so they’d look good on the plate. The Wellshire is rather lean which when said about bacon seems odd.

In case you were wondering…no the pastel colored heirloom eggs don’t taste any different from the other free range eggs..but YES they do taste better than the factory farmed eggs..ethically as well as aesthetically..but neither taste as good as eggs from a friend’s own chickens. but you take what you can get.

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