book birthdays

Apparently I am avoiding real work like the plague, because i started another busy work project. It is another thing from the back of my mind that i wanted to have started and i figure after i fiddle with it on my down time it may amount to something. But like everything it is only to amuse myself, which as we know my life revolves around amusing myself to death. I started adding data to another Google calendar “First Editions” – nearly all ‘This Day In Literary History’ calendars talk about who got born and who died on each day..but personally i don’t think that’s as interesting as when things got published. Did you know almost all the James Bond’s got published in March or April..i don’t know if that means anything but I find it interesting nonetheless. More often than not no one knows which day of the week a book went on sale, but sometimes you do. I just thought i’d put up the ones I can figure out from various sources. After all a book’s birthday is much more celebratory than the author’s birthday.

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