book case hack

I had been looking for some sort of display for the small repair items I have been bringing to book fairs. And in the end, I came up with this idea: to attach pegboard ‘wings’ to the folding bookcase I found at a second hand store.

It’s relatively simple if you get the pegboard cut when you buy it,(pegboard is unforgiving if you don’t have a table saw) and remember to drill pilot holes before you put screws in the strapping. The hinges aren’t really load bearing so you can get away with the tiny screws that come in the baggie.

And it folds flat. If I had half a brain I would attach some sort of latch to keep it together while transporting it, but I am not that smart, I will forget to do it and then when it flops open and crushes my fingers while carrying it to a show, I will just let fly a bunch of swear words.
instead of using messy j-hooks,I am using brass paper fasteners, they work like cotter pins, I can fasten a bulldog clip or the item directly.

I didn’t like the pegboard look, so a little adhesive and some broken pages.

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