book envy

blog of note • Bybee at Naked Without Books has a think piece up about the ‘Odd Shelf’, inspired by a donation by Robert and Miriam Lovett to Emory University of their 700 copies of Robinson Crusoe. She muses about quirkiness in collecting and regrets she has none. I too have always envied collectors who can maintain such tunnelvision, hell I have always been jealous of book dealers who could even choose a speciality. Like Bybee I find too many books fascinating to fixate on one, aside from having about 8 copies of Gehman’s Haphazard Gourmet, (I like to give them as gifts.) I think I have 5 editions of Buchheim’s Das Boot, including a pirated one, and about 3 copies of the Scarlet Letter including a second edition, 4 editions of Three Men in a Boat (i like to have one within easy reach) – I probably have a dozen or more books in both their hardcover and paperback editions, either from upgrades or just book breeding. And still the envy continues, hmm perhaps it’s not too late in my career to pick a speciality…how many editions of Three men in a boat have there been? f hundred thour five hundred? that should keep me busy.

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