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Well that was a waste of time…i reopened eight perfectly hardpacked boxes of books and only managed to extract 1 box worth of books to donate, and about 8 to list online.  The by-product is that i now have about 4 boxes that are only partially filled because i stupidly started sorting the boxes…

For the last 4 years i have been consistently culling and culling my books and belongings …. so it was no surprise that there weren’t large quantities of books i am willing to do without…in truth there probably is,  i am just not THERE yet.  There are probably four boxes of books of women’s biographies, especially women screenwriters of early Hollywood, i bought for research…yes there were enough to fill a couple of boxes…but i had to track down each one of those down and one of my rules is not to get rid of stuff that would be too hard to replace.   And anyone with a specific focus collection knows..trying to pull out just a few titles is nearly diminishes from the whole and the collection becomes less interesting.  Long story short all of those got repacked, mixed in with Women combat journalists, and 19th century explorers and so forth and so on… i found an excuse to keep nearly everything.   

Another box of books i kept but probably shouldn’t…..white mountain history, paperbacks of twain and conan doyle short stories, bloom county cartoons,  douglas adams duplicates, and bunch of other casual reading material….i actually stood there and had an argument with myself, these are the books i can throw on a bookcase in a guest room- i guess i should keep them…. yes that conversation went on IN MY HEAD..that i was not only going to have a guest room…but now i am picking books to put on the shelf of that guest room that people can dip into and take home if they want to….AS IF, there will not be books available in the future for me to put in a guest room i don’t have, in a house i don’t yet own.  So essentially i have an entire box of books for no other reason than to be party favors for people that aren’t going to visit me for 2 years, and probably brought books of their own.  I settled the argument by not deciding, and just putting those books in a separate box that would be opened  last, if ever.

Another mistake I made was to start listing the contents. I had already made half ass notes on the boxes, but not with numbers on a list. The mistake is that now I have 12 more boxes that aren’t on this list… i have to go through those boxes too?  because i started you know i will have to…i won’t like the idea that those boxes aren’t on this list…

box 1 screenwriting •research• women in cinema
box 2 screenwriting •research• women in cinema
box 3 womens biography•robert capa•meriam cooper
box 4 bicycle•repair•boating• outdoors• mt washington
box 5 women’s bio• wwii•gelhorn• bourke white• chappel
box 6 w photography• cameras•bourke white, gelhorn• colditz
box 7 travel essay•
box 8 guest room•short stories
box 9 no effing clue

2014-01-23 10.01.17

I still have five more bookcases in the bedroom, and the two glass cases in the living room….we are talking probably 40 more boxes. If i were to SORT books into boxes, that means i end up with a bunch of half packed boxes waiting for more like items…this is really what a sane person would do…but in my world a box, half empty or completely empty remarkably resembles a cat bed.

When i started boxing them, i just said, “just pack, and sort it all later.”  Open box, fill it, close it, move on. Which was probably the wisest thing, quick and dirty. At this rate, I will only have to take the books out from UNDER the cat’s ass and throw away the box and rebox the partial box.

I did chuck one box of books or it is at least waiting for me to take it to the thrift store. Normally I draw the line at listing a book for sale where the fair value is less than $5…when i move that number will change to 10 or 15…i don’t have a lot of books for sale at any one time…   My goal was to only keep books for sale that are 15 and up…it is still my goal..but i get lazy and it is just as easy to throw the inexpensive books up online than it is to take it to the thrift store.

Of course many of the books i boxed are in the 15 dollars and up ballpark, that’s WHY i kept them, they are too expensive to replace. A lot of the books i no longer own, books i already culled over the years are books that cost $1 on amazon.   I don’t mind chucking a book that sells on amazon for $1 or less…i can easily replace that if i need it.  Hence when i REOPENED the boxes…THOSE books weren’t there.  All i managed to do yesterday was play book tetris, trying to get them back into the boxes neatly.

Regarding the books in the glass case… I am waiting until I sell the house… I already earmarked some NEW boxes from Unline i need to get in, and some more Really Useful Boxes for the books that have significant value. The more valuable the books, the more valuable the box, another thing that i need to wait to take care of.  The most dangerous time of a books life is in a box,  in a bookcase these are perfectly safe, once i pull them out… bad things tend to happen.  I’m gonna miss these built in cases.  Its one of the things i have been dwelling on… i think i may end up spending money on some good condition lawyer cases, to keep out the cat butts.

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