The local empty Linens and Things has been turned into one of those bargain book stores that only appears during the holidays and disappears with the new year. I really don’t think i have ever seen anything so depressing that didn’t involve something with a beating heart.

I am not sure what’s worse, the fact that it was chockablock filled with books that should have never been born or the fact that no one was there buying them at 80% off. Even I wandered around for 20 minutes and only spent $4. Not that I didn’t find much of interest, I did…the bins were chockoblock filled with lovely pop history and other non-fiction, but i had a sneaking suspicion that after buying and reading any of them, i would be stuck with giving or throwing them away as they actually have no monetary value at all…and the 80% off price tag basically equates to carrying charges.

About 70% of the books in the room where children’s and a surprising number of them hardcover fiction…and most of those were Harry Potter clones. Tell me something…i NEED to know this…are there hordes of parents willing to pony up 20 bucks each for NON harry potter books? well based on the number of unsold volumes in places like this i guess i answered my own question.

Back in the day I would have loved to spend a few hours rummaging around here, but i got bored pretty fast this time around. many of the books were light on content and heavy on the coffee table. How many ‘refreshing summer drink’ books can you sell? Seriously who buys this shit? i guess no one…so the true question is who decides to publish this stuff?

Hey, i am one of the biggest fans BOOKS ever had, but I am hoping that the new depression forces american publishers to develop shit detectors. Perhaps if the printed fewer of them, they would retain some of their value after you drove them off the lot.

btw – how come BOOKS are still the only American product where the manufacturer gets to print a retail price ON the item? that bullshit’s gotta stop.

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