I spent the last few days with a tech from North Carolina controlling my computer trying to FIX different bugs in my computer that were preventing me from running Photoshop 7, which i desperately need, so i can run the half tone dot removing filter over some images I have swiped from various sources. I need to make them print worthy for the books I am producing. I am also having issues with Adobe Distiller compressing my images to 150dpi which is NOT print worthy, and the list goes on. So far he’s worked for about 15 hours for me and i still have no idea how much I will be paying him, he says choose your own amount based on the results..but i KNOW what an hourly tech costs so i’m stressing about how much i CAN afford to pay and how much i SHOULD pay….i think i should just send him my wallet…but that would be an insult.

For the last few years I had a virginal copy of Marshall Lee’s Bookmaking on the shelf in my bedroom. I had bought it new and shelved it thinking it would from across the room, somehow inspire me to produce beautiful books. But a couple of months ago, when I got on this cut everything in half kick….which i must admit i have been slack off on lately, I sold it. For a good price I thought as even used copies sell for about $20…this I know because I just had to rebuy it!!

Long story short..i know too late .  .  . I’m trying to produce the best looking copies I can,  i keep running into issues, MOST of them, like the image thing, I have already have a fix in my tool kit for it. However adapting 19th century print styles for reading by 21st century readers, with their limited vocabulary, attention spans and eyesight, I’m dumbing things down just a little bit. I chose Goudy Old Style for the 19th century stuff, mostly because I can read it without my glasses and it still looks OLD. I’m also changing the words that end with -tre and -our to -ter and -or; these guys just can’t make the leap from US to UK. The other liberty I want to take is to take long swaths of text quoted from other sources and set it apart so it’s not just hidden in the text surrounded by quotation marks…the little editor in my head is screaming ITALICIZE! but I need to look it up and make sure I’m not being a dumbass.

Today I am holding my 1st hard proof of Pehlp’s “10th of January” short story.  as you can clearly see from my blog posts,  I just can’t proof from a screen, i have tried; but give me a paper copy and i’m golden.  I took the liberty of giving the short story a subtitle so you have a clue about what you are getting it’s “the Tenth of January, a tale of the Pemberton Mill,”  it’s like an American Girl story, cept she gets trapped in a collapsed mill and burns to death…cheery no?

I sent the first draft off to be printed but I don’t think it’s enough.  I am giving it footnotes with definitions for the words we don’t use anymore.   Also included now is the wikipedia entry for Phelps on the back page.   I am going to see if i can get the Special Collections Librarian/Pemberton Mill expert to help me add some more contextual material so that if someone wanted to READ this and never heard of the Mill Tragedy of 1860, they could catch up. I’m considering it all ‘added-value’ for my ‘touchable books’ series.  I’m already considering myself a parasite making money of the long dead….wait a minute…i haven’t actually MADE any money.   I think I found a flaw in my project.

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