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“Language is the means of getting an idea from my brain into yours without surgery.” Mark Amidon. (nope don’t know who he is either)

So I was listening to WBUR’s On Point last night and philosopher Daniel Dennett guested. Seems Dennett is a scientist who studies ideas as if they were living, breathing, self-replicating organisms…which apparently they are. This isn’t exactly news to old booksellers but apparently it is to the rest of the world.

Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, would have just loathed the internet (well…during the down time when they weren’t loathing everything else) You can’t kill an idea on the net…hell, you can’t even kill its author. Sometimes you can’t even find them. Once an idea or a book is given free range on the net it escapes and grows like topsy.

There is no shortage of books living on the net. Google Book Search devours entire libraries like a blue whale sucking in krill, that may not bode well for those who deal in dirty old books, but it’s manna to johnny appleseeding idea mongers.

Project Gutenberg began in 1971 now there are 17,000 free books on it. will email you a chapter a day to feed your head. With POD publishing every Tom, Dick and Harriet, can spew out their memoirs ad infinitum.
Even will let you post your book.

NPR says podcasting (n. audio on demand) has caught on with the amateur audio book freaks: Escapepod, Librivox, Dead White Males. Podcasting softwares.
[you don’t ACTUALLY have to own an Ipod]

Helpful Hint: Don’t piss off your life partner, they may sell off your books.

Take your grave to the books: the Crimson talks about the skin covered books in Harvard’s collection.

ok, ok ..too much about Frey is much too much..but Freezerbox’s blog on the Oprah-icity of truth is a MUST READ.

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