bookseller tricks – easy fold

I have harped on this before – packaging is one of the most important aspects of bookselling.

What’s the use of describing a books perfect condition and then having it mangled in transit? And don’t give me that shite about it not being your responsibility after it leaves your hands. NEWSFLASH – eBay has brainwashed nearly everyone that comes into contact with it. Until someone tells me things have changed, the Uniform Commercial Code states that until I deliver the collateral into the customer’s hands I am responsible for it – UNLESS the customer insists on a delivery method of their own. The transaction is only complete when the customer opens the box and sees that the item in question is exactly what they paid for.

In the course of looking for something else, I found‘s section of Easy Fold Mailer‘s which were a lot cheaper than I had expected them to be. They are even better for STORING damaged or fragile books.

Easy-Fold Kraft Mailers

Protect and ship multiple catalogs, books and other printed materials.
* Adjustable – Scored at 1/2″, 5/8″ or 1″ intervals.
* 200 lb. test, B-flute.
* Meets Mil Spec PPP-B-636.
* Minimum order 100

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