booksellers hands

There was a recent discussion online regarding ‘booksellers’ hands. That’s the ultra dry and cracked fingers one gets from handling boat loads of paper, cardboard and books. Simply the cardboard absorbs all the moisture and your hands pay for it. Right now I have that and small infections have sent into my thumbs, sure I can knock it out in a few days of hot soaking, but until then it’s a pain in the ass to type.

There was no overall consensus of what to use, but there were clear leanings. Many folks use lanolin or products with lanolin to repair the damage. Bag Balm had quite a few recommendations including me and there are other heavy duty products out there: Eucerin Original Moisturizing Creme, Burt’s Bees Body Butter, Gardener’s Hand Repair, Corn Husker’s Lotion, vitamin E, Lac-Hydrin Five, Dead Sea Body Salt Scrub. For serious cracks, Liquid Bandage and Superglue came up, to seal the cracks until they heal.

To prevent this condition, there are a lot of fans of CleanmoreTM Liquid Glove, which is a barrier cream, that protects hands from abuse for 4-6 hours.

Despite that today was a bloody good day. I cracked the ice on the truck and went out to make my weekly run to the post office with my International packages (which i STILL can’t get picked up by my carrier.) While I was at it, I stuck my head in the thrift shop and came out with 2 pair of very good jeans, as well as …get this… a dark cashmere turtleneck…all for $15. Yeah…i KNOW….didn’t find any books though. Those are hit or miss in my neck of the woods.

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