bookshop guardian – Keesey

Keesey the Goldendoodle, that is their real name. Intentionaly bred from standard poodle and golden retriever they cost the same as a full blooded breed. What you hope to get is a dog that acts like a retriever but doesn’t shed or a poodle that doesn’t bark all the time. Keesey is a little heavy on the poodle side being very skitish and not as friendly as a retriever.

He is a very good watch dog barking when someone comes to the door and will not stop until you tell him “OK”. He then shuts up completely. Not real freindly to adults but loves little kids. I can’t figure this out because little kids are usualy pretty rough with him dragging him around by the collar and pulling his tail, but he delights in them.

We love him. He is very very gentle, clean, does not shed, and is almost odor free. Just a little doggy. My wife wants to cut his coahonies off. I do not. She doesn’t want him running around showing his “pink thing”. I told her that’s just how men are. Given half a chance we’ve got the old pink thing out and wagging it around. For his part Kees is better behaved than me. He hasn’t had the old pink thing out and still squats to pee. One eunich in the family is enough.

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