bookshop guardian – Sammy

“We have Sam, an obese but regal grey and white cat who keeps toddlers at bay in our bookshop. He’s a lover to everyone over two feet tall, but he scratches toddlers, so I have to stuff him into the basement and barricade the cat flap with a cinder block when they come in. I don’t want unattended toddlers around anyway, so it works out.

He has many fans in our small village who come by to tap on the window and talk to him. He meows back plaintively, causing at least two well-intentioned cat lovers to stuff treats through our front door mail flap on the sly. I had to put up a sign last year asking people to desist since he’s on a special cat food for health reasons. And circumference reasons. He was originally a skinny stray at my neighbor’s barn, but once he had his cojones clipped he came to resemble the Hindenburg. ” – Rachel and Dan Jagareski

Sam, the Book store cat can be found
at Old Saratoga Books
94 Broad St.
Schuylerville, NY 12871

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