bookshop guardians – Zelda

you all thought I’d start with a cat didn’t you?

Zelda is Burke,Virginia bookseller David Holloway‘s pug.

Zelda has eaten fewer decent books than any other dog I’ve had. Possibly only because she’s smaller than any dog I’ve had before. She does have a talent for pulling a first edition from a pile of book clubs and chewing that one first– so I can only assume she was a bookseller in a past life. She is our ‘celebrity dog’ everybody in the neighborhood knows her and people literally stop by and knock on our door at night to say hello to her. One of our neighbors brought her pet rabbit over to play with the dog– I was skeptical but they seemed to get along fine. Frankly, I’m not entirely convinced she’s a dog. She is a picky eater, always climbs to the highest spot in the room, and her bark is so quiet that instead of telling her to ‘speak’ I say ‘whisper’. My youngest son is totally disgusted that we’ve given her a ‘middle’ name of Lou– dogs don’t have middle names. My older son has been trying to teach her to shake with her right paw instead of her left because he’s convinced she isn’t really a southpaw….. Not too bookish, but she isn’t much of a reader. – David

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