boom goes weare

Before last week’s cycle of dysfunction, I had taken a flying trip up to John Rauscher at Boomer’s Books in Weare, NH. The ‘just my size’ shop is in the converted barn attached to John’s farm house. (Back in pre-global warmed New England, when the snow was 6 foot high you didn’t have to risk your life to milk bossy.) This is a wise move and saves on B&M overhead. Another wise decision on John’s part is to open on weekends and one assumes by appointment – combined with online sales, one gets all the benefits of an open shop without the starvation diet.

This is practically my only good picture, as it was during this visit my little dependable Coolpix started acting all wonky. Now that is has been replaced by a newer version, I will have to revisit.

After trying out my door to door book supply selling skills, of which it seems I have none. John showed me two wicked interesting things, one fabulous and one evil.

First the fabulous: another of the many things that IKEA sells but refuses to ship are these wonderful book end doohickeys. As you can see they slide onto the shelf and when a book is mis-shelved around them, they do no harm. At a buck each, they are a good buy; if you can find them, the closest IKEA to me is 50 miles away and that’s just to get to the entrance to the parking lot.

Now for the evil: As we all know every town history ever written will soon be available as an overpriced print-on-demand item. If this town History of Weare reprinted by Higginson Book Co. is any sign of things to come, we should all be afraid, be very afraid. Fat lot of good acid free paper and an ‘archival quality’ binding does you when the damn 3 inch ‘perfect’ bound book snaps in twain the 1st time you open it. And this my loves cost, …wait for it…..100 funbucks. Seriously why didn’t they just make it a paperback and be done with it. I swear there is a thicker adhesive on a pad of paper then on this spine. Fie on you, Higginson Book Company, fie and be damned!…..psst what does ‘fie’ mean?

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