Booze clues

First day of school and I have already had people nagging me for being late with my ‘homework’. Truth is I came home and passed out – long day for someone who usually sits on her ass all day. The squalor of this affiliate of Boston Bartender’s School reminds one of an elaborately appointed dorm room, but it has all this visual noise of any neighborhood bar. Not really surprising to me is that the next oldest student in the class is half my age, but the youngest is a mere eighteen. Normally children don’t bother me, but two of them spent the class room downtown texting each other, which i found particularly irksome.

Much of today’s schooling was learning and practicing general pouring and drink mixing techniques. Mama & Papa Gilbreth would be proud as the required motions are designed to save movement and increase speed. My height or lack thereof is a bit of an issue, but I am sure there are work arounds. I am finding the memorization of drink recipes a tad intimidating but I suppose that will come from repetition. The practice bottles are all filled with various colored waters which produce fairly realistic looking drinks. It is times like these I regret not drinking enough in my life. I am sure I could remember more better if taste was involved – perhaps there will be field trips.

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