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I haven’t accompished much of anything for the last few days…so nothing to report to the few people out there still reading. Friday was the rescue group event, I designed their program and then emailed it to Fedex Office for them to pick up. But they still needed me to show up with my iphone to swipe credit cards and my laptop to help with the checkout. This year made much less money than previous….combine that with the idea that i may not BE in town next year this time, i think they may cancel this event for next year. I showed up, i installed my equipment, i sold tickets, took payments and left. But i got some leftover soup to take home. Essentially i got paid in food.

on the downside the kittens came back to me. The couple that adopted them, returned them. I am not sure why. people generally DON’T tell you the truth when they return pets. They are growing like topsy, they really need a new home, which is NOT mine. I gave up trying to adopt out any of my cats, i haven’t been able to even BRIBE anyone to take one. So fuck it, i will be taking them all to Greenfield. I am really not happy about that, but since moving is more important than anything, i will just suck it up.

On the moving front the only thing i have done was to disassemble one of the bookcases of paperbacks, dusted and sorted into the Keep, Donate and Sell boxes. The books get culled every year or so anyway, so the keep pile is a lot smaller than it was in previous years. Instead of putting them back on the shelf, i just boxed them. I figure in a year when i get to unpack them it will be like christmas looking at books i haven’t seen in forever. These are the books NOT for sale, in fact, i’d like to bring only the high end stuff with me, so anything listed online, will be successively redued in price..not just cause i need to money now, but i’d rather not have to haul a bunch of low end sale items across the state.

I don’t know if i am using the ear infection as an excuse to be lazy and self indulgent, but I am. The voices in my head keep trying to go over tomorrow’s meeting with Lawyer#6…yes 6….no. 5 wouldnt even take a meeting. Lawyer6 seemed enthusiastic, since the passive approach hasn’t worked for shit with these guys, i’m just going to be myself. I’m pissed and i want to stay that way. I have to told the voices to take this one off, preparing ahead of time didn’t work to my benefit before, we will try winging it.

traditional-storage-and-organizationTo keep them busy, while i lay around with my head on a heating pad I set them to work skimming through Pinterest for Storage ideas for the new place.  Even if I add on a couple of rooms I will have lost the basement and carriage house storage area.

My new mantra will be efficient storage.  My basic capentry and other DIY skills are pretty good, but my finish carpentry skills are very rusty.  After installing the new heating system and improving insulation around the joint, then i can take my hammer to it and add shelving and cupboards where ever they will fit.   I have had to do that in this tiny place, now i will just have a bigger canvas.   I expect a lot of my books may stay boxed for more than a year.


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