boxing day

An email came into my inbox from the Bibliophile Group list that mentioned a Chicago Program that gets books to women in prison. They happened to be desperate for books for journaling (softcover or coverless), as it happens i have a whole shelf of such things in the back of my closet. Anyone who has learned binding has a stack of blank books..the 1st thing they teach you to make are text blocks. So, twenty minutes afterwards I had a 15lb box of blank book text blocks out for the mailman.

Now I am ambitious…somewhere in my back room I have old technology, old phones, pda’s, no doubt other items that i should have donated long ago…but the idea of just putting them in a box and MAILING away my troubles is delightful. It doesn’t hurt that my truck is in the shop and I am stuck here working or at least giving a semblance of working.

Rooting around I found a place called the Call to Protect – Wireless foundation which takes phones. as well as a few other places to donate electronics. The epa has a pdf to read with some other helpful ideas: Electronics: A New Opportunity for Waste Prevention, Reuse, and Recycling.

This actually gives me other ideas – i bet i can look up damn near anything i want to get rid of and find someplace online i can mail it to…sweaters? do you know that southern animal shelters keep their dogs outside, but their winters are getting they advertise for SWEATER donations. No I am not kidding just ask Martha Stewart.

hmm what else can i mail away?

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