break down

bulb72 As I expected i got a couple of wholesale orders today which should push me marginally into the black, i have started telling them order through the new website. for me it streamlines the process and gets the money to me faster. of course i won’t see any of that for a couple of days so i went over to borrow $30 bucks from the animal rescue group for food and litter, they are taking nearly all the leaky kittens on Saturday meanwhile i have blown up my budget for pet care for the month. The last few days have been the last gasp of summer, i actually had to turn on the a/c yesterday. long story short..the damn truck broke down again, leaving me to wait on the heat for the tow guy to bring the damn portable charger to coax the battery to life. Needless to say an hour, in the heat in the truck in a parking left me drenched in tears and sweat, precariously close to losing it completely. The tow kid did finally arrive, and he was very nice, he loved my crap old truck, and he likes the rail trail i built as well. The truck started up fine and my mechanic thinks we may have narrowed the intermittent problem down…i think it’s because we have changed out all the other things it could have been. that bulb was just another thing that had to be changed today.   i am sick to my ass of being so poor that one more tow could break me, and that’s all i have left on my triple A membership is 1 more road service call.     I sent a message to the lawyer asking if he had heard anything from himself’s  lawyer and of course he hadn’t.  but truly the lasts two weeks of august no one in this hemisphere works.  cept for me.    driving around in the broken truck, i finally got a grasp on the business plan i need to put together.  it’s gonna take a few months and another dozen publications before i have it where i want it,  but like the website, it will come around.   perhaps we need time to just weep, in a parking lot where no one can see us, to get our shit together.

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