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So, how’s your day? I lost 3 hours of my life on hold waiting for tech support . . . but who among us hasn’t done that? But in the end WE got the databases synced up – so I suppose if i didn’t have any plans for those 3 hours, I came out ahead right? Well, then there was the 4 hours I wasted hauling my mother around aimlessly. My mother’s sisters decided to sandbag me, all I had planned for today was a leisurely day of entering books, cataloging ephemera, filling and shipping repair supply orders, scanning in feline medical records and oh I dunno, maybe posting to all the blogs I have created to simulate actually having a meaningful life. But instead the lion’s share of my energy was sucked up by the vortex which surrounds my mother – (to catch up new readers, my mother is elderly, sickly and generally unkind to the point that makes matricide rational – in short she hates me and gets her jollies by making me miserable.) By the time I got back to my PC I have just enough energy to surf office porn. I may settle for catching up reading other people’s blogs.

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