bridge to flickr

York Bridge, Maine
Seems I have been neglecting my account. When I started using the internet aggressively I was having a great time uploading my images. Just getting feedback is an awesome feeling, especially if you don’t have many people seeing your photos. It is also a great way to find folks with similar interests. It is the perfect internet site for those of us who drool over vintage photos and cameras, and quirky or artistic imaging methods. You can learn a lot just cruising around through other peoples pictures.

I haven’t been uploading to it as I used to. Which is a shame, to date I have licensed 3 of my images because people found them there. One wanted one for a non-profit textbook, and the one above for a display in a new hospital building in York. I guess I need to keep my eye to the grindstone a lot more if i want to sell more pictures. On Flickr’s Privacy and Permissions preferences…say that three times fast….you can make your images available for licensing through Getty Images. That hasn’t happened to me yet but who’s to say it wont?

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