bright and shiny

Nearly every morning I have a to do list as long as my arm: clean litter boxes, feed hungry mouths, pick up whatever debris they made during the night, call folks on the waiting list and book spay/neuter clinic appointments, pack and ship new orders, scribble some new material, edit whatever is in the inbox, wash floor, work on Rail Trail agenda, update a website or two……i could go on….then I sit down at the computer and woosh i have lost several hours of my life – playing sinatra youtube recordings, reading RSS feeds from hundreds of blogs and news sources, checking what’s new on Hulu and Netflix, logging into a dvd message board…sending BLOG posts…see how this happens!…that’s where my day goes!

i WILL get off my ass and throw in a load of line dryable laundry (still no drier fix) and i WILL put away the lawn furniture in the barn – fercrissakes there’s christmas lights up downtown already….later.


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