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conceal-lighting2Still can’t hear out of my ear very well but i am popping decongestants. Yesterday was a big clinic work day, the not hearing was inconvenient, but it did dull the dog barking a bit. The kittens have gone to a new home, but I turned down the adopter for the other cat. She’s a nice cat, they aren’t nice people, whatever, she’s a nice cat I will keep her until someone nicer comes along. Lawyer #9 hasn’t called me back yet, but then he also teaches so he’s busy. Himself has an appraiser here today. It would have been nice to have some heads up, i’d have cleaned the apartment this weekend instead of tearing stuff apart and making stew.

I will need a bigger freezer in the new place, i fill my little one pretty regularly with pre-made soups and bread. Autumn in New England is the season of cooking… so i spent some found money this weekend at the grocery store on ingredients…everything is on sale, i wish i had more money and storage space. I will probably also need some sort of root cellar. I’m only one person, it doesn’t save me a lot of money to buy 2 lbs of carrots for 1.29 instead of 1 lb for .99 when i don’t have a lot of meals planned around carrots. Yeah I know i should be a complete vegetarian and steer way from the carbohydrates. Perhaps it will happen,  I remember home grown carrots tasting less like packing peanuts.


The head voices have gone back to list making…I am taking each problem on the list and researching the best solution and then filing it away – my Evernote research database has exploded….some of these topics I may not have to consider for two years…so in essence its a lot of busy work, but if not for that. i’d be thinking about a lot of other more scary things that have no solutions.

I don’t own a lot of lamps…actually any lamps in fact…i have one floor lamp and one of those ottlite reading lamps i inherited from my ersatz Grandmother…aside from that there’s a light over the stove and one in the bathroom ceiling. That’s it. Not a lot of light bulbs in an apartment with windows on three sides and constant street light castoff.   LIGHT is now added to the list of stuff-i-don’t-have-but-will-probably-need, along with carpets and curtains.

Energy efficient LED lights are the logical solution to my light problem, no sense in burning off all that hard earned energy wastefully. But i don’t want to go around buying a bunch of lamps…they need’s a never ending road…. but i HAVE been thinking about just adding ambient light with LED strip lighting. These are those under cabinet lights and such you run the tape and then plug it into a converter into the wall.  The drawback to THAT sort of solution brings me to a huge personal flaw – as much as i know a lot about a lot, i don’t know shit about electronics. Give me two wire lamp cord and a wire stripper and i’m your girl, but LEDS, resistors and such are a mystery. They didn’t teach girls that stuff back in the day. But it’s never too late right?

41s1WT3iIsL._SY300_Leaning about electronics I can do a lot more than wire some shelf lights. Another project for 2014, it is something i can do BEFORE i move which will certainly make it easier once i move, AND it will eventually save me a bunch of money not having to hire folks. Surfing the net for a few hours about LEDS and wiring and so forth I found a few Youtube videos and Instructables and such, like this one LEDS for Beginners   Which was phenomenal at explaining the math behind matching resistors to LEDs and batteries and such.  I felt like running right over to Radio Shack.

I am not going to even bother with basic electronic theory, my brain works best with PROBLEM SOLVING, give me a problem and the tools and the basic instructions and let me make a lot of mistakes.  Right now i want to learn how to wire home electronic components.  Once I have this skill then learning the wider range of theory will make a lot more sense. But it will give me something to concentrate on, while i have my panic attacks. The Velleman Christmas Tree KIT is available on Amazon for 12 bucks and a soldering iron will be about 20 bucks. My soldering skills need to be much improved before I start something even as small as this.

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