bring it, 2014

2013-12-20 12.52.09 I bought the house new shovels before Christmas… i have to make a note to bring them with me when i move..not that i need 3 shovels, but it’s the principle, it seems i buy new ones every year and i think the tenants take them. Right now i seem to have stumbled into a pissing match with the new tenant above me…she kept putting a full length mirror in the hall facing the door…which creeped me out every time i went into that hallway…especially in the dark, it looked like the hallway was occupied..i kept putting it back by her door hoping she would put it inside her apartment, and yet she kept returning it to the now i moved it to the basement storage area and left a note to that effect. HER responding note is long, and insulting implying that whomever moved the mirror must not like their reflection and that she wants her mirror back asap… OLD me, would have returned the mirror in a 1000  pieces, new me is going to pretend i haven’t read the note. Let her call HIMSELF and ask for it back, i don’t really care about one tiny little insult, chasing after it to get in the last word would be something OLD me would be have done. As you can imagine, one voice is telling me to accidentally lose the mirror, the other is speculating that this is one of those problem tenants who is just looking for a way to take their landlord to court. I’m just going to keep schtum..’mirror? what mirror?.’


Normally i’m not one for ‘new years’s resolutions’, i don’t think the rotation of calendar should dictate…basically anything..whenever i come up with an idea to modify my behavior i just start doing it.  That way, when i fail, i can’t use the calendar as an excuse not to pick myself up again.  But for the sake of something positive to write about, i will ponder a few idea for ways i could improve my life habits once my house sells, because as we have figure out, nothing is really going to go well until then. As it is i will continue to have less and less money and more and more things will break down…like the crockpot, the single burner, the printer already have…and i’m sure a few other things yet to come…we have yet to see the bottom rung of my life.  i better buckle up.

I spent new years eve and new years day trying to clean up the TO DO piles on my computer… i have been copying as many audiobooks from the library to my hard drive as i can before i move.  I have access to a library system of about 40 libraries in this part of Massachusetts, and i have no idea what type of system i will be in when i move.  So just in case, i have copied a lot of books that i want read, all of the Craig Johnsons and the Jim Butchers for example…and a few others that i liked and will probably give a new listen.

While that is going on, i have been scanning in a couple of books that i want to publish as part of sicpress.  A 1924 biddeford church cookbook and a midcentury collection of book poetry that is out of copyright. And when i scanned in a little humorous gardening book also out of copyright, it occured to me to start looking at gardening information for Maine, it’s only 80 miles away and the coast is theoretically on the same growing zone i am in now…but i am sure the hours of daylight are fewer and the frost will come later in the season..  I had always bought seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds and Johnnys seeds both in Maine, so the seeds are cold tolerant..but i had completely forgotten about Fedco, the seed cooperative, who don’t have the sexy website or catalog, there’s is a simple seed and pricelist, for those who know what they are looking for.   Which isn’t me as yet, but i will narrow it down by the time i buy them.  I won’t be getting anything in the ground this year…unless i put in some bulbs in the  fall..which is possible, sort of.    I haven’t had a garden in a number of years, since the landscape men took over the yard.  But I always liked having something growing at the dooryard.  I can certainly do a nice container garden if i absolutely have to, a few cherry tomatoes, and patty pan squash can grow anywhere.

Note to self:  Grow more things.  Publish more books. Eat less. Drink more (yes you read that right). Read more. Create more. Buy Less.  Take more pictures.  Worry less.  Cycle more.

We are looking at 14″ inches of snow on Thursday…bring it 2014, cause honey badger don’t give a fuck.  

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