broken things

Took 10 minutes to fix a notebook today, and i used the iphone to photograph it and loaded it on Instructables. Shockingly this FIX is not there already. That’s probably the most satisfying thing i will do today.

It’s a clear crisp day…not bad for an early mud season. Tomorrow i have a hike/trail clearing scheduled so i hope the weather holds.
The last week i have been packing and shipping orders like a crazy person so i got nothing done outside even though people tell me the weather has been nice. Checking my inbox for orders, i don’t have anything not shipped that hasn’t been paid for. Because i was out of so many products, that hasn’t happened since before the 1st of the year. The only orders that are coming in strangely are for books i loaded on Amazon…yes they take way too much in fees, but the goal is to get rid of the books – the more the better.

I started cleaning off of the porch moved the sand and shovels into the garage. I don’t know i the urge to put a tiki bar at the end of the porch will go away, but at least it’s a reason to clean off the porch. there’s too much crap out there. 90% of it is going somewhere else…but it HAS to GO to be gone right?

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