bucket boss

I have been fiddling with a couple of winter projects that will have more obvious need in the future.

i adore tools and kits..big surprise huh? i already put together a graffiti removal kit in a bucket for those odd occasions when i spy something in town that is pissing me off. I have used it a couple of times on graffiti on granite blocks and stickers on street signs. I do expect it to be in constant use along the rail trail once it gets more popular.

As a side project I am making a few panniers for my bike that are more practical and much much less expensive than the store bought kind. if you cruise through Instructables site you will find dozens of pannier hacks and at least 8 or 10 of those are variations on the CAT LITTER BUCKET, which seems to be the only real world product that is sold in square buckets. That can’t possibly be true since these buckets are available in a wide color range. I stumbled on AffordableBuckets.com which vends square as well as round buckets in a rainbow of colors.

Taking my obsessive compulsiveness a little further.. you can see that the graffiti bucket is green…(walmart $3) I have a trash removal bucket which is black and a  blue one I use for boating tools like ropes and anchors…etc… I had already been planning a bucket for my emergency items, flash light, batteries etc… but i had yet to find a red bucket available anywhere.   So you can imagine the temptation of COLORED BUCKETS would have on me.   yeah….i’m going there….or i will once i figure out the perfect pannier adapter method.

 My first attempt at a pannier hack of a cat litter bucket…the guy upstairs uses this brand which i like because the lid is hinged already. This one is to carry tools and trashbags and such, however i still need to work on the bungee hack. it needs to be firmly hooked to the bottom and not rattle when being ridden. very important not to rattle. I used rope hooks and neoprene washers and some cap nuts on the inside but i think i will swap out the skinny bungees for a tie down strap and wrap the crown bolt with rubber hose. but this is on the first one I managed to do.

I have my eye on a green bucket from Affordable, so that i can have one pannier with graffiti removal tools and the other pannier holding trash bags. Mind you they also vend Red square buckets..i may yet get my emergency response kit in a bucket..yeah i know you can buy a ready MADE kit…but where is the fun in that?

BTW if you have ever wondered how to get the labelling off one of these buckets without dissolving the plastic?  Try MEK, Methyl Ethyl Ketone..lovely nasty stuff from the harware store.

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