Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival

birthday folks •
1884 – Hugo Gernsback, Luxembourg-born editor and publisher (d. 1967)
1902 – Georgette Heyer, English novelist (d. 1974)
1920 , American poet (d. 1994)

retubing toothpaste • Google® is threatening the media with litigation over using google as a verb. I wonder if they including the Oxford English Dictionary people on their mailing list?

blog of note • StardotStar Blog gives a thumbnail comparison between AuctionExplorer and eBay.

audio • Penguin has added another podcast to their site, Podcast 23: Kim Edwards author of The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, talks us about her writing process and the responses she’s received from readers.

running behind . . . I went on a diet today, perhaps if I keep saying that outloud it will make it true.

obit of note • Hollywood dentist and author John Haase, at 82, whose 1966 novel was turned into the film “Petulia,” has died of emphysema in Montecito, CA.

banktoaster • The online word processing application Writely (recently acquired by Google) is still in betatest. But so far it’s a pretty nice little Web 2.0 App. It is rather idiot proof . Supported by all browsers (cept Safari so far), it allows you to create, upload and save documents in a variety of formats: html, rtf, word, openoffice or pdf (only create), collaboration extends to up to 50 people on a document. You can post to and delete from your blog, tag documents and get an RSS feed. Seems like a lot of tools for something free. But I suspect eventually a premier subscription version will have lots more bells and whistles. I will probably find my myself using the free version it a lot.

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