bugger off man

it was a bitch but the previously programmed blog has been moved to http://swillonstick.blogspot.com/ he only thing that didn’t make the move were the comments so feel free to go comment on anything with anything i don’t give a shit…er damn.
i suppose if i want to be offensive i have to segment my brain a little bit more than normal.

Navel gazer that I am, I figured out why my blog devolved from something partly interesting to stream of consciousness diatribes. It seems I only have X amount of creative energy…a 75% of it is grownup and intellectual and ready for prime time…. 25% of it is filth. While this was my only blog it was nice and pretty and intellectually stimulating. But since the BibliophileBullpen is taking more energy and can’t be vile and salicious, and i must store that SOMEWHERE. So now it’s located with a disclaimer….if you are reading something called swill…don’t expect silk.

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