building a better bedstead

tarva-bed-frameSince i have nothing better to do but wait around here, i am doing what i always do when i can’t think about what’s important…i think about things that are not important, i build things in my head.  This is habitual since i can’t afford to building things in the real world…perhaps one day.

I had finally settled on this Ikea Tarva bed for now…it’s inexpensive, it’s made of wood so i can adapt it and when the time comes i can have it delivered and i won’t have to lug it myself.  It is probably not the last bed, i have a fat ass so i may need to replace it eventually.   I am planning on building out at least one wall in my new bedroom with bookcases, and i can slide this bed into a predesigned SPOT along that wall.   This will give me more wood on which to screw things.  I’m not partial to a lot of bedroom furniture, it all gets covered by books anyway so why wait?

The other conundrum was what to do about light….i still have my ersatz grandmother’s Ottlight floor lamp but that usually accompanies my reading chair.  In the room i am in, that’s the only lamp and i just swing it where i need it.  It’s taken a beating but it still works.

For my bed and for any guest beds in the house I have this idea for reading lights on the headboard.  Traditionally you have a choice of clamp on or screw on reading lamps and i have had both fall on my head in the dark, and they are equally unpleasant.  Since I am purposefully buying wooden hackable furniture that freed me up to plan on attaching anything additional features…like a phone or tablet charger cables and power strips along the back boards out of sight.


While rooting around on the internet for just the right LED work lamp, i found that you can get gooseneck lamps designed to attach to sewing machine tables and other industrial situations, which have no clamp or clips to remove.  Instead it has a nice long threaded pipe so i can drill a hole into the shelf or bedstead.  After I attach a new end plug,  can put a nice 50watt equivelant LED in the lamp and a feed through cord switch to make it handy to control.   Granted the sum of the parts is way more expensive than nearly another other clip on LED reading light….but it suits all of my needs and doesn’t have the added danger of flying off when you adjust it and putting a dent in your head.

Once I attach it to the bed, I will run a power strip invisibly along the back of the bedframe, reachable really only when you are IN the bed, instead of the sort you can’t reach while IN the bed.   I hate it when the phone charger cable snakes its way down under the bed and i have to slide headfirst half way down the side of the bed and hope i can find it along the floor without falling all the way out of the bed.  I am sure it would make the cats laugh if they werent asleep and being useless.


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