bull pen editorial

paper paper everywhere and not a drop to ink.

HRH J.K. Rowling who has been conspicuously absent from the Bullpen up to now, has finally done something noteworthy. Apparently Her Highness can’t write on anything other than a very specific type of paper, and upon running out of paper in the middle of a word, she had the temerity to kvetch publically about not being able to find her beloved brand. So many of her overly eager, utterly devoted fans have flooded her with enough paper to to make a papier maché moon, lifesize.

Now forgive me if I am being sacriligeous, but WTF? she can’t write on a bar napkin like the rest of us? I mean really….she couldn’t write on anything else? Yes, I do have an inherent bias against the ultra rich, don’t we all? but how easy would it have been for her to say? why don’t all my little fans send food packets to the Sudan? or how about tithing a half a percent of the cover price of the next overpriced, overblown tome to perhaps stomp out child sex slavery? is that out of the question? Bill Gate’s Vaccination programme may be a little misguided and slightly ineffectual but his heart IS in the right place or rather it proves he has one, or his wife has one, or they installed one on the last upgrade. But for a woman who is richer than the Queen of All England to bitch about the lack of writing material, when she KNOWS her fan base is hanging on to her every little fart, goes just beyond the pale. What did she THINK was going to happen? Scuse me I have to go scream now.

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