Bullpen Bathroom Bookclub vol 5

“Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything. ” – Charles Kuralt

Here We Are: The Humorist’s Guide to the United Statesby Robert Wechsler (Editor) 224pp, 1991. ISBN: 0945774133

Most people who know me, know I don’t do a lot of traveling . . . it’s not for want of trying, at present I’m chained wrists and ankles to elderly family members and a plethora of pets. But I am a huge fan of armchair traveling of all sorts, and if it can bring a smirk to my lips all the better. I was given this little volume by a bookseller who has since passed away who knew my proclivity. This is a non-descript grey little anthology, with extracts and anecdotes from all of the best and the rest: Twain, Thurber, Benchley, Buchwald, Baker, Raban, Bemelmans, Cooke, Kuralt, Kipling, Forster, McCarthy, Golding, Trollope and so for and so on . . . all with one goal to remind us that above all . . . America is a silly place. Whether it is in the travelling or the destination the funnier side can be found of damn near anything America can throw at you. This volume in print or not, goes for a minor amount. But once you devour it, (another selection perfectly sized for privy reading) there are four more kicking around both sides of the pond:
Savoir Rire: Humorists Guide to France
When in Rome: The Humorists Guide to Italy
In a Fog: the Humorists Guide to England

All in the Same Boat: The Humorists’ Guide to the Ocean Cruise

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