Bullpen Bathroom Bookclub Vol 8

by Sara Nickles, Bob Shacochis
Chronicle Books, 224 pages. (1994) ISBN: 0811807843

by Sara Nickles
Chronicle Books, 220 pages. (1997) ISBN: 0811818209

It seems the more books I choose for the Bullpen Bookclub, the more I realize they are all bathroom reading. Perhaps that is the only time I expect any of us can get any reading done. Here are two ideal choices, I was a tad susprised . . . or should I say alarmed to find that I had read most of the contents in their complete forms. There are excerpts from the Group, Lolita, the Ginger Man, Henry & June mixed with some Spaulding Gray, Anne Sexton, Thurber, Brautigan. For most of us, it’s probably redundant, but for someone who is new to the biz, it does give a thumbnail sampling of writers you probably haven’t tried. These two are common as dirt, and at under a nickle a good investment for the guest bathroom.

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