Bullpen Book Description Contest – Entry

in from Jill Linden

The book’s title is Royal Naval Submarines 1901-1982 – no maybe the title has Observer’s Directory of before the Royal etc; it’s not easy to be sure because some of the letters are smaller and in a different color or blue – that is the Observer’s Directory of is in a lighter, kind of sky blue, and the Roay Naval Submarines 1901-1982 is in a navy blue, which makes more sense because it’s about navy stuff.

Anyhow it’s most got light cover edgewear except I really have to say that it’s not light if you include the corners because at the corners you can see the white underneath part and the rest of the cover is navy blue, which is a good idea because the book is about navy boats.

The pages are clean except there is one that has a little dirt on the margin so I really can’t say that all of the pages are clean.

The dust jacket is really pretty with a picture of a boat, probably a submarine, on the front cover. There are four shades of blue on the cover; the water is kind of a greenish-blue, the sky is a light blue, the back cover is all a purple-blue that could be called wedgewood or cornflower blue and some of the lettering is a navy blue. Oops, really 5 shades of blue; some of the lettering is a medium blue.

Of course the pretty picture is the most important thing about the dust jacket but you might want to know about a couple of problems: there is dirt, lots of wear at the edges and some rips.a

In case you want to know about what’s inside –it’s pictures of submarines and information about each one that has a picture.

Book will be shipped in a clean manilla envelope.

Buy mine, buy mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bibliophile Bullpen Department of Silly Listings is presenting the Bullpen Book Description Contest. If the Bulwer-Lytton Contest can do it for embarrassing fiction, I say we can surely pull it off for embarrassing books descriptions.

Please submit the silliest or worst book description you can invent.

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