Bullpen Book Description Contest – Entry

in from Janet Gezork –

Religious History and Politics of Outer Space by Nofit Exit. Published by All star Publishing Co. Llibrary release, good in a fair dustjacket, with edges rippled and colored, spotted interior, myriad pieces of a substance similar to bubble gum stuck along the hinges holding the book together. Bubblegum substance retro neon colors. Book is VERY well used.

Purchased at a Friends of Library sale. The volunteer said they were eager to sell it as it had been taken out by some very strange characters who had somehow “enhanced” it. Later patrons who read this book seemed to enjoy it, but they seemed to have no inhibitions and even the library staff had strange reactions to it. Apparently the librarians just could not have people running around the library nude, yelling about politics or religion, or which database works better, or whatever. .

The volunteer that sold the book said to be very careful with it as whatever essence it has may even rub off on other books. Seller suggests gloves be worn at all times while reading this book.

The Bibliophile Bullpen Department of Silly Listings is presenting the Bullpen Book Description Contest. If the Bulwer-Lytton Contest can do it for embarrassing fiction, I say we can surely pull it off for embarrassing books descriptions.

Please submit the silliest or worst book description you can invent.

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