Bullpen Book Description Contest – entry

Submitted by Carol Delle, Wray’s Books Associate, Manchester, NH

I am selling the red book shown in the picture. It is for reading. You don’t have to read it if you don’t want to – no one is going to give you a test or make you write a book report. Therefore, no one will know whether or not you have read the book.

Red books are pretty and look nice on a shelf. If you buy a lot of red books the shelf will look prettier. Or you could use the book to sit on to make you taller at the table. You could even let your cat pee on it.

That is what is so wonderful about Capitalism. Once you buy something, you can do ANYTHING you want with it – or just leave it lying around and do nothing.

Show that you have class by buying a red book. Show that you support America’s economic system of Capitalism by buying this book. You will feel so good and so American, when it arrives. Once you touch it and open it and smell it you will want to keep this book forever.

If you don’t already own a book NOW is the time to get one. You can send check, money order or pay with PayPal or credit card with PayPal or echeck with PayPal.

NOTE: Pictures in English, text in German. $25.00 ppd in USA

The Bibliophile Bullpen Department of Silly Listings is presenting the Bullpen Book Description Contest. If the Bulwer-Lytton Contest can do it for embarrassing fiction, I say we can surely pull it off for embarrassing books descriptions.

Please submit the silliest or worst book description you can invent.

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