Bullpen Bookclub – The Encyclopedia Of The Book.

The Encyclopedia Of The Book. Glaister, Geoffrey Ashall. New Castle Oak Knoll Press 2001 small 4to. paperback. 576 pages. Okay enough pandering to the cheap seats. When I finally get around to featuring a book I usually pick something widely available for the price of a Croissandwich. My thinking is if the book is inexpensive there’s no excuse not to buy it. Well this one is anything but inexpensive and there’s no excuse not to buy it, it is worth every penny. Mine is all curled corners and post it notes. It is probably my most ‘loved’ reference book – next to Johnson’s Manual of Bookbinding. Holding somewhere between three and four thousand bookish terms , depending on who you believe. There hasn’t been any bookselling, binding or printing term I looked up that wasn’t inside. Though usually the definition is followed by ‘see also’, meaning by the time I put it down I have also learned 5 other things that I hadn’t meant to know. But that’s what makes it valuable – you even learn stuff by accident.

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