Bullpen CafePress foray

My my I HAVE been slacking off lately – anyone can post calendar shite everyday. Well I have been working very hard, really I have. I started an experiment over on Cafe Press: cafepress.com/bibliobullpen, see?

prints up on Demand t-shirts, coffee mugs and about a hundred other items with your uploaded designs. The costs for the item come right off the top of the sale, eventually if there are any profits, they are sent to you. They aren’t as cheap as the wholesale price you would pay getting something printed in the real world, but considering there is practically no overhead (‘cept for the premium account upgrade) And there is no minimum to sell, I figured it was worth playing around with.

Since the initial Bullpen designs are simple, I haven’t as yet seen the quality and well . . . booksellers are all cheap-ass misers – I have kept the prices for these initial items very low. If you feel like ordering something – Cafe Press has a 30 day return policy.

As always I am gonna ask folks for suggestions for items or designs.
Guys – THINK bumpersticker or coffee mug material.
\We may not make enough to buy a latté to fill it up, but it looks like a lot of fun.


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