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I can’t resist dragging out the cutlery on this one….

Fulfillment by Amazon is a new program for Amazon Marketplace sellers. Now, instead of shipping your orders to customers yourself, you ship your new and used products to Amazon.com. We’ll store them for you, and as orders are placed, we’ll ship them to your customers. And, as an added benefit, Amazon will handle post-order customer service and manage customer returns on your behalf . . . . . read more

Now someone in Seattle is either very stoned or very crafty. Perhaps they forgot that Alibris tried this cockamamie scheme several years back and found it disastrously unworkable. Or perhaps they are banking that WE forgot. So Amazon is going to store our books, sell them, ship them and collect the money? and all we have to do is sit back and wait for the pennies to roll in? How generous of them. Considering how much their resale industry model has devaluated the price of a reasonably good book, it hardly seems worth the effort. Can we even call ourselves booksellers anymore? do we get credit for selling a decent product at a good price? are we even acknowledged in the food chain at all? This folks is a pyramid scheme and all of us wage slaves who have been wallowing down in the mud trying to eke out a living will be asked to make bricks without straw. I predict one sure thing: When sales go bad and trust me they will, it won’t be Amazon taking it in the neck. Shall we all just bend over and grab our ankles now? seems to me that’s a position we should get used to.

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