Bullpen t-shirt caption contest #2 Winners

Finalists: (not all entries, just the least embarrassing to the entrants)

” words can never hurt me.”
B.N. Guffey, Bookseller

“Books slay me”
Rachel Jagareski @ Old Saratoga Books
” I knew I shouldn’t have stood on that wobbling stool to get this book down from the top shelf. .”
ira joel haber @cinemage books

“This is bad for the spine.”
Jerry Blaz @ my bookie joint

and the winner is:
“Proust had claimed another victim.”

the winner is the one that made me laugh out loud, the others just made me smirk.
Y. wins a collection of 5 Dell vintage paperback copies of Brett Halliday’s Michael Shayne mysteries.
(I’m sick of knocking over the pile on my desk)
Thanks for playing – see the winning designs @ www.cafepress.com/bibliobullpen


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