Bumpuss hounds

Yesterday was probably the first Thanksgiving I have truly enjoyed..absolutely no stress…no ditching phone calls from relatives – (though i will admit, fewer of them are alive this year than in previous years) A friend and I enjoyed a long leisurely hang at the Wyndam Hotel restaurant . . the food, drinks, and service were all exemplary…best of all no cleanup…..remember that Cornish Hen ? a couple of my roommates decided to reenact a scene from Jean Shepherd’s Christmas Story…you know the one with the Bumpuss hounds..yeah well…serves me right for defrosting it in the sink. Thankfully a few folks decided to include Sicpress.com in their Black Friday plans and I got a couple of sweet orders this weekend; just enough to keep me in the black another week. (and the crowd goes wild) Am I the only one who kept thinking today was Saturday?

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