Don’t let that image fake you out….it’s a VERY BIG chair…cause that’s a HUMONGOUS cat.   Moby’s the only one allowed outside…cause basically he’d just force his way out.  But I make him come in at night…New England weather is getting a little frosty these days.

Monday was a Clinic day…not one of “our” clinics, but I impose upon the volunteer vet tech pool, so I felt I should give back to the other groups. Here’s another phoney picture…we did 5 dogs and a bunch of kittens and cats. Take my advice folks “fix your friends” they will thank your for it.   That was basically all I did yesterday..which means, today I am so totally screwed.

I have a bunch of stuff to edit, several hours of phone calls to return and shockingly laundry to do.  In a perfect world I’d have Red bull delivered door to door like milk.  I don’t usually indulge anymore, UNLESS I am heading out for a ‘DAY’, but just dragging myself through a normal day isn’t a good enough reason.  8(

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