busy day

Originally uploaded by armv_cats.

I set the alarm for 4AM, for the third day in a row. I have been trapping feral cats who feed at 5AM, behind a house for a Spay clinic on Sunday. We also pulled in 14 kittens from 3 different locations in 3 different towns and quickly ran out of foster homes to hide them all. This little guy was born on a boat in a boatyard. He must have followed his mom and couldn’t quite make it back on board. 30 minutes after picking him up i had him purring under my double chin like he’s always been there. He’s in a cage on my desk, when we get the rest of the siblings in there, i will pass the cage on to someone else.

I should be working but right now I am gonna put my feet up. The little black guy is named Schmutz, he went to the adoptions today but nobody wanted him.

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