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Someone donated an entire button making kit to the animal rescue group..it dated from the 1980s, but surprisingly the BadgeaMinute company is not only still in business but the technology hasn’t changed at all, go figure. Unless you are going to make a LOT of badges and have an outlet for the little buggers it may not be cost effective to buy the entire set up. I figured one rescue group can use it at a time and have made plans to loan it out to the other ones who use the clinic, they can check it out like a library book. It came with a bunch of blanks..enough to get some made for the animal clinic..and then we can start on some for the wildlife rescue group. Looks like you can get 100 blanks for about $36. I got an idea to take one of my cute kitten pictures and put “resistance is futile” on it.

Personally i wouldn’t dive into the world of button making without a bunch of folks to hawk them to the public…or at least buy them themselves. So, I felt great about the donation. First thing I did was toss the whole kit into a salesmen suitcase so i can lend it out immediately – i already got one rescue group taking it. We got some pictures of Maxx, the wolf hybrid which i am supposed to be doing some other things with as well as merchandise. I figured we can make some post cards, and some buttons etc.. stuff people can get when they make a donation to the wildlife rescue group.

On the other hand if you don’t want to make an investment in button making machines…the internet is a wonderful place…someone gave me the heads up about BusyBeaver Button Company. Which looks delightful 100 full color buttons 2.25″ buttons delivered to your house is about $46 bucks..which at .50 cents a button isn’t half bad, if you hawk them for $2 or $3 bucks. . . and you don’t have to buy the button machine and spend the time making the damn buttons. They also have square ones and bunch of other options to take advantage of. Guess which option i am partial too? yeah…Bring on the Beaver…come to think of it…i have some beaver pictures too. Got a catchy tagline for a beaver picture?

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