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I was putting my moleskine into my new $3 coach organizer from ebay and to make it fit i had to put it in backwards with the pocket towards the front. Thus mandating the removal of the elastic so I came up with the bright idea of sticking on a sticky velcro button to the last two pages which actually will keep a lot of things from falling out not just the stuff in the pocket.

Being the lazy bastard that I am I have been using that damn Amazon Prime free 2 day shipping like a crazy person. and figured i’d toss in a packet of Velcro Sticky back coins for $3.88 In fact this package arrived OVERNIGHT at no extra expense, so i think it all depends on what you are ordering. Getting shipping tape delivered next day for well..nothing is fucking awesome.

It has finally snowed enough here to make it seem like winter and not just a bitch cold day, and i was not feeling particularly well to begin with. My only 2 choices for a decent real world price on shipping tape are both in the next state – a walmart and a staples, that’s a 40 minute trip at the best of times. In essence it not only saved me time and gas but i didn’t have to change out of my pajamas, (January is the month i nearly ALWAYS develop bronchitis…i try not to go outside unless at the point of a gun) and i can get the rest of my customer orders shipped.

Now I have a packet of Velcro Buttons or coins…and i used ONE – I think i will cast around and try to find a use for the rest of them. As it is, I tossed them in them in the clear container i am using to store Crazy Glue, double stick tape and that blue stuff one uses to put up posters – like the Velcro none of these items have an equivalent substitute so they all need to be stored at the moment.

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