buy this or i will shoot the librarian

creeping stupidity • pencil this under the heading of WTF? – every month 3M advertisement inserts will be inserted in UK LIBRARY BOOKS, let me repeat that in case you didn’t hear me…..ADVERTISEMENTS WILL BE INSERTED IN LIBRARY BOOKS…..and we aren’t talking community adverts for lost puppies or ESL lessons – we are talking advertising ‘will- promote-anything-for-a-buck’ agencies . And you KNOW that some nimrod in the US is reading that and saying “3 million blow-ins a month, lets do 300M!” We already passively sit through 15 commercials at the movie theater before we can watch a film we PAID $10 to see. We have TVs in all the checkout aisles at the grocery store. We have TVs in lobbies and waiting rooms all over the country tranquilizing us to keep us from rising up as a people and killing abusive and incompetent civil servants. But I tell you the day I open a library book and a blow goes fluttering to the floor, I’m gonna shove an Oprah book into each and every orifice of each and every library board member.

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