So I stopped at the first yard sale of the season…they were using these cabinets to display stuff…and $20 later they were in my truck. they aren’t ‘new’ but they are close enough for me. I have developed a fondness for laminate mdf as i get older..i think it’s because it is easier to clean. anyway…1st thing i did was buy some material for BACKS…people never put backs on their cabinets…instead of just getting masonite cut to fit at Lowes..i had them cut white color pegboard…so the cabinets have backs now.(which prevents wiggling) and i could use the holes in the pegboard if i want. I always make all my measurements before i go to the hardware store and have them cut the materials to fit exactly. i don’t even remember when i last saw my saw. I had a long white laminate shelf cut to fit each cabinet top. Originally i tried to use it as one long piece…but the folding table bracket is in the way. each shelf top is secured with double stick foam. and each cabinet has nylon ‘feet’ for sliding them around to wash the floor.

Yes i spent more money than the original $20 but damn it..i finally have cabinets! to put stuff in. i finally have a place for my booze..and the pet first aid kit and a lot of other things. so the place looks a lot more streamlined now. hmm..i’m digging this cabinet thing.

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