about once a year..usually at the end I pay some attention to my cafepress account…that’s the button above that says SWAG. Basically you upload your designs and they produce print on demand merchandise that other people (or you) can order. Because my designs are rather traditional and I don’t make a science out of it, I just have markups of about .1.50 to 2.00 per item..which isn’t a lot..but considering how little effort i put into it. it’s fair enough that quarterly i get a check for 35-75 dollars….more post christmas of course.

That girl reading atop books has suddenly in the last year become my most popular design. go figure. Looking back…i am surprised to find i have made over 400 dollars this year… now i am rethinking the whole cafepress thing. Since last year they have added twice as many products that they can print your image on…many of which would be for more specific designs…i can’t see any of my designs on bed linens or underwear…. but not to leave any stone unturned i am thinking of chunching all my 250 designs into as many products as possible….just in case. That will take a great deal of effort. and if i am going to add anymore designs I will need to do that too.

In essence I am covering all my bases… if there are places on the internet i can generate passive income. I am revisiting it.

I think starting in 2013, I will take all my cafepress checks and put it in the savings account. It’s found money after all.

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