caffeine hangover

I had a DAY planned for myself yesterday..i had to write a speech for the Garden Club, plus i took a stab at the one i needed to do for next week’s city council meeting. I also finally put together a bunch of material for a little publication i had to get out. I am still looking at a pile of writing that i need to edit for a friend of a friend. So i wokeup and went straight to the store and brought home a box of Clariting, two red bull, 2 liters of coke, several single serving frosted flakes and a bag of Baked lays..but that was yesterday..they are all gone now. Cept the coke i haven’t opened it. I was up and wired for the day…i got everything written that was supposed to be written, and i made a stab at the editing that is still not finished. This morning all i had the energy to do was pack 50lbs of deodorizer and ship it. now i am at the bottom of the bell curve. i can’t keep my eyes open..well i could but that would mean that i would have to wire myself up again and that’s definitely not good for me. but i got a lot of crap done…tomorrow i am scheduled to go to a Farm & forest trade show in NH, so it will have to be Saturday…fcking season affective dissorder.

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