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Amazing isn’t it? 100 years ago children were let out of school in the summer time to help work the family farms and here we are a century later still living by that time table. June, July and most of August were so slow that I have decided to get a summer job next year, perhaps standing on a street corner wearing an oversize cartoon head handing out flyers or some such equally well paying job.

But DAMN! didn’t Fall come in like a hurricane? I have had more orders in the last seven days than I had in the previous thirty. Alas all those funds evaporated like spit on a griddle, every product had to be restocked because of the summer draw down. So, here I sit with a pile of orders, and no money, waiting anxiously for packages of stuff to come in so I can repackage it all and ship it back out before anyone notices. Oh well, if I wasn’t doing this I’d just be getting into trouble, flirting with disaster some other way.

Before the last of the bank account dried up, I took herself out to dinner. It is getting harder and harder to find some place she won’t hate, doesn’t matter what food they serve, she can’t eat any of it, it’s too hot, too cold or well too something else – for all the food she doesn’t eat you’d think she’d have starved to death by now. The good news is that with her having the memory of a goldfish, I can take her around to all these restaurants again and she can hate them all anew.

(image, took the 40 year old bike off roading to Maudslay State Park – lots of bumpy trails, didn’t fall off or hit anything – that makes a good day.)

BTW here is some humorous cycling fiction to pass the time:

  • Three Men on the Bummel by Jerome K Jerome (1914)
  • the Bicyclers by John Kendrick Bangs (1896)
  • The Wheels of Chance: a Bicycling Idyll by H.G. Wells (1896)
  • Taming The Bicycle by Mark Twain (1917)
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